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Forward model management  - is a boutique mother agency based in Moscow, Russia, focused on the search of new faces, training and promoting new and professional models, providing an opportunity for their work on worldwide. Agency was founded in 2009.  

Forward Model Management, as a mother agency and an international manager, deals with direct booking of models round the world, provides contracts with the top model agencies from New York to Tokyo.

Forward Model Management activity is model scouting, the determination of skills, test shoots, immediate models' photo distribution to all partner agencies with a date note, which reflects the moment the model can start the work, documents' preparation for the trip. Our agency is committed to help model before international trip, to explain the local individuality, work attributes of a region, behavior patterns in a host agency, to provide support during the stay, to search new agencies and negotiate with them. We never stop new faces scouting. Important thing is you don't have to live or come to Moscow to work with Forward Model Management. You can find models from Russia, Ukraine, and Belorussia on our web site. Model scouting agency Forward model Management looks for young men and women who want to work in the world's leading agencies. We are interested in people with strong desire to build a successful model career abroad.

 If you want to become a model. Our advices:

 Selection criteria: Place of residence does not matter. Women: age: 14- 22, height: 174 - 182 cm. If you are 13-14 years old and 172 cm hight for example, we will consider this option. Men: age: 16-25, height 184-190 cm. If you are under-age, you have to ask parents to write us a letter with a request to view you as a candidate for collaboration with our management. If you already work in Moscow or other city and want to work abroad, you should follow the same recommendations. Send your snap-shots and video (presentation in English and cat-walk) professional photo shoots with personal information. You should know English or be in its studying process. Foreign passport is required. The most important thing is the parents' approval of your profession choice.To make a request just fill in the form on our site in "become a model" or send to As soon as we get material required and come to the point you fit our demand, we will contact you and start our partnership.